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is the meat zabiha halal?


Are you Armenian?

Oh my God really. I love Armenian and Greek culture and people music your the best. I'm Armenian Greek too in my heart I feel haig yess hayem shot. Laves inch pes ess??i

I want to have a lunch meeting here on a weekday. Just want to confirm: there is no entertainment (dancing) during the day right?

None during workdays

Do you have a parking lot?

There's one at the back, also street parking.

Do they have lunch specials?


How do I get in touch with you guys to make a reservation for 4 on Saturday tried calling no answer also have some questions please let me know how to get in touch. I made reservations few months back over the phone .

I believe you need a larger party in order to be able to make a reservation. Maybe 6 or more

If I want to make a reservation for 4 on saterday for dinner how much will it cost how much per person

there are fixed plate prices for several people that run about 30 bucks each person entrees run about 13 to $15 if its separate if you do the dinner and show on Saturday night it'll run you about $60 a person

Do they do delivery

I don't think so, but they might be affiliated with GrubHub. Either way, check them out. Food is amazing.

Do you serve liver and onions?🙋😼😯

Their liver and onions is probably the best I have ever had, and I am somewhat of a conesiour of liver and onions!

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